Impacting lives through BFREE Fixed Income Token

BFREE is empowering lenders in emerging markets by offering them liquidity. This liquidity enables them to lend to small business owners like traders, farmers, artisans and Individual consumers at low cost through ethical collections that would protect the dignity of borrowers.

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Consumer and SME Loans in Emerging Markets offer attractive returns and increase portfolio diversification.


About BFREE Fixed Income Token

Microcredit targets two different types of borrowers: small businesses and end consumer.

Small businesses need financing opportunities to run their day-to-day operations and to make investments for future growth, e.g. buying new equipment.
For end consumers, unsecured consumer loans are effective ways to pay for products and services for individual persons. The chance to buy crucial essentials (e.g. washing machine, new car) without paying upfront and in more affordable instalments is appealing to many consumers and the overall economy.
BFREE empowers Emerging Markets lenders to provide these financing solutions to SMEs and consumers. How so? By offering them extensive credit lines. Even more so, BFREE protects the dignity of borrowers by ensuring ethical collection services in case of default
Every BFREE Token you purchase is an opportunity for a borrower to access much-needed capital and provides you with an attractive and ethical risk-adjusted return.

––––– Why join bfree Asset management

Our Value Proposition

To fix the broken value chain in lending…

We offer you the guarantee that borrowers are always treated ethically and fairly as they go through our ethical recovery process.

we securitize…

We perform asset provider selection, asset pool selection, bridge financing, asset lifecycle management, and non-performing loan management.

and we tokenize loan portfolios.

With blockchain at the cornerstone of our product, we build trust and efficiency. With BFREE Tokens, everyone can contribute to making the world a better place.

Empower those roadside traders, farmers and others who need a small quick loan

For the everyday small business owner in emerging markets, the difference between growth and shutting down of the business is that small credit line that guarantees they stay in business. With BFREE Token, our partner lenders get access to their capital early, they will be able to lend at a lower interest rate, which automatically trickles down to their customers in the form of fast and affordable loans to grow their businesses.

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